What We Do

Insights. Analytics. Results.

Whether you’re looking to grow revenue, improve service levels, or uncover new sponsorship opportunities, we will get the data you need to make smart, innovative business decisions.

Factual data is collected by Eventcorp at the “point-of-experience,” and is presented to our clients on a daily basis.  The analytics we collect can be shared across your business units to help improve guest experience, evaluate marketing strategies, pinpoint key demographics, incentivize front line staff, and identify ways to grow your business and event. We can also evaluate the tourism and economic impact of your event to the local economy, as well as key sponsorship metrics.

By collecting data at the “point-of-experience”, Eventcorp ensures the most reliable, accurate data for our clients, presented in an accessible, easy-to-understand report upon the conclusion of your event.

Identifying Research Objectives

Throughout North America, event marketers and venue managers are continually challenged with making their event or attraction relevant, unique and financially viable.


Event and attraction properties are constantly pressed to make critical adjustments and strategic advances across any range of issues, including:

  • Partnerships & Alliances
  • Sponsorship Programs
  • Program Activation & Fulfillment
  • Event Programming

  • Product, Service & Pricing Models
  • Alternate & Incremental Revenue Sources
  • Guest Services & Visitor Experience
  • Vendor Presence & Positioning

In the ever-competitive environment to obtain sponsorships and partnerships, businesses are looking for new, innovative opportunities to exhibit the value they can provide to a sponsor. Eventcorp will work with you to ensure that sponsors are getting the information they need to justify and see the value of their investment in your property.

Eventcorp helps you identify your specific research needs so that you are asking the right questions and securing the most accurate “need-to-know-now” information from your audience – critical information on which you will base your next flight of strategic decisions.

Full Service Reporting & Visual Analytics

Survey results are retrieved, tabulated and reported virtually on-the-spot, allowing you to immediately act upon the information that is gathered. Daily-generated topline reports allow you to instantly change the message or strategy of your campaign, or fine-tune your event or venue operation. Eventcorp eliminates the guesswork!

Supplemental to the topline reporting, a comprehensive summary report is provided within 12 business days following conclusion of the survey period. Data cleansing, editing and meticulous screening achieves results integrity. You are provided with an easy-to-read report summarizing results, frequencies and percentages from all of the valid responses that were compiled. This factual, actionable, easy-to-interpret report is produced in both soft copy and hard copy formats, enabling you to share information quickly across your business units.