How We Do It


We employ a one-of-a-kind methodology using proven, user-friendly portable data collection devices to execute on-site audience research studies. Our proprietary software is the latest development in on-site audience research.


Statistically significant data and sizable response rates are obtained by placing touch-screen, electronic data collection kiosks at strategic locations on your event or venue footprint. For the respondent, it’s an inviting, user-friendly, and fun experience. People are surveyed at point-of-experience, guaranteeing fresh data.  The ease of response facilitates large response rates while self-selection virtually eliminates interviewer bias, and allows sensitive demographic questions to be asked and answered. Respondents of all ages and backgrounds are more apt to share the truth with the data units due to inherent confidentiality and guaranteed anonymity.


Our devices are battery operated, thus eliminating unsightly power cords and the need for costly connections. Custom created survey questions automatically appear on the screen, and the respondent is guided through the questions one at a time.

Some features include:

  • Ability to program various question formats
  • Multiple languages for one survey
  • Full colour graphics
  • Display of event property or sponsor logos on each question screen to ensure maximum exposure

  • Ability to collect qualitative data through open-ended questions using an embedded on-screen keyboard
  • Ability to collect consensual contact information (i.e. respondents’ names, email addresses, telephone numbers)

Unlimited Questions

Hundreds of questions, on any subject, in any language, can be programmed for your customized questionnaire. And questionnaires are easily modified allowing for changes-on-the-fly. Revisions, or entirely new questions, can be uploaded to the data collection devices at any time during the span of an event. Formatting of questions allows for virtually every type of desired input. Branching eliminates questions that are not relevant or introduces new questions to respondents based on how they have answered previous questions. The system quickly “drills-down” to respondents with qualified characteristics to answer relevant questionnaire streams. Software programming allows for the widest degree of versatility during the planning, execution, and reporting stages of the entire research process.

Service Options

We offer a range of services to ensure a thorough and successful audience research program. Whichever option you choose, Eventcorp staff participates in all stages of the project from planning, through data collection, to data analysis and management reporting.

Point-of-Experience Data Collection

We offer a completely turnkey service, including on-site setup, monitoring, and teardown of kiosks. Our on-site point-of-experience data collection yields the largest sample and most reliable results. For events of extended length, we offer a consignment option for our kiosks.

Online Data Collection

For those on a slightly tighter budget, we offer our comprehensive services through our online platform, with all the same features as our on-site data collection technology. Survey can be left open for as long as desired to ensure maximum response collection.