Our Model

Custom Questionnaire Development

Hundreds of questions, on any subject, in any language, can be programmed for your customized questionnaire.

On-Site Data Collection

Factual data is collected by EventCorp at the “point-of-experience” using proven, user-friendly portable data collection devices.

Your Event
Full-Service Reporting

Survey results are retrieved, tabulated and reported daily, allowing you to immediately act upon the data collected.

Visual Analytics

We provide a host of interactive analytic tools that will help you visualize and bring your data to life.

The Eventcorp Advantage

Kiosks Minimize Bias & Variance

Unlike the personal intercept approach where there is an interviewer, there is no possibility to influence the respondent’s perception of a question and the choice of answer that a respondent might choose.

Blind Benchmarking & Industry Leading Questionnaire Development

Having worked with many events, fairs, conference, leagues, venues and partners, Eventcorp is uniquely positioned to provide blind average benchmarking to further contextualize results, as well as deploy advanced algorithms to determine best length, composition, and order of questions to yield best possible sample.

Reliability of Data

Our data collection equipment has the collective capacity to generate a sample which will yield results within confidence intervals of plus or minus 5%, nineteen times out of twenty.

Increased Collection Numbers Deliver More Reliable Sample Sizes

Able to collect up to 3 times more surveys on the kiosks versus inter-personal intercepts.

Turnkey Service

We supply survey creation & design, on-site data collection and full-service reporting.