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Touch and Go Simplicity
  EventCorps’ state-of-the-art technology for electronic data collection is portable, reliable, robust and cost-effective.  It employs the latest in hardware devices and proprietary software developments for point-of-experience audience research. The devices are battery operated eliminating unsightly power cords and costly connections. The interactive touch-screen interface is easy to read and easy to use. Just touch “ON” and you are off!  Custom created survey questions automatically appear on the screen, and the respondent is guided through the questions one at a time.  The software programming allows for multiple format options and multiple languages. 

Some interactive features include:

  • full colour graphics;
  • display of event property logo on each questionnaire screen;
  • ability to collect qualitative verbatim inputs from embedded on-screen keyboard;
  • ability to collect consensual contact data (i.e. respondents’ names, email address, etc.)
  • capability of “picture” answer options on questionnaire screens;
  • select sponsor logos can be displayed on “information” screens.


Unlimited Questions

Hundreds of questions, on any subject, in any language, can be programmed for your customized questionnaire. And questionnaires are easily modified allowing for changes-on-the-fly. Revisions, or entirely new questions, can be uploaded to the data collection devices at any time during the life span of an event. Formatting of questions allows for virtually every type of desired input. Branching eliminates questions that are not relevant or introduces new questions to respondents based on how they have answered previous questions. The system quickly “drills-down” to respondents with qualified characteristics to answer relevant questionnaire streams. Software programming allows for the widest degree of versatility during the planning, execution, and reporting stages of the entire research process.


Results When They Count

You no longer have to wait weeks for survey results. Survey results are retrieved, tabulated and reported virtually on-the-spot, allowing you to immediately act upon the information that is gathered. Daily-generated “Topline” reports allow you to instantly change the message or strategy of your campaign, or fine-tune your event or venue operation. EventCorp eliminates the guesswork!


Management Reporting

Supplemental to the “Topline” reporting, a comprehensive summary report is provided with twelve business days following conclusion of the survey period. Data cleansing, editing and meticulous screening achieves results integrity. You are provided with an easy-to-read report summarizing results, frequencies and percentages from all of the valid responses that were compiled. This factual, actionable, easy-to-interpret report is produced in adobe .pdf and hard copy formats. You make management decisions based on these immediate results.