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EVENT TRACK , the event and sponsorship barometer, provides the answer...

Event Track: Event/Sponsorship Measurement

With EventCorp’s I-Count database containing over 15 years of accumulated audience responses gathered across a multitude of North American event and attraction properties, EventCorp can further bonus clients with its one-of-a-kind EVENT TRACK index.  EVENT TRACK draws on the results of more than 50 million answers to over 100,000 topical questions relevant to the large majority of North American event managers and property owners.  This benchmark analysis tool, unobtainable anywhere else and exclusive to EventCorp clients, works as a “measuring stick,” indexing like-properties or like-events in Overall Event Satisfaction and Sponsorship Affinity. 

Your comparative measurements, as scored by patrons at your event or property, are placed on a scale showing the "highest, lowest and mean" scores of all other like-events or like-properties that have been serviced by I-COUNT. Your score is indexed against the mean of each variable that has been rated to indicate, with a high degree of accuracy, how you stack up against others in your industry. 

Note: Comparative events and properties are not named but are certified by EventCorp to be similar in nature, by a rigorous test, to the indexed event or property. 

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