EventCorp Services Electronic Survey



Identifying Research Objectives

Throughout North America, event promoters and venue managers are continually challenged with making their event or attraction relevant, unique and financially viable.  Event and attraction properties are constantly pressed to make critical adjustments and strategic advances across any range of issues: 

  • Partnerships & Alliances
  • Sponsorship Programs
  • Program Activation & Fulfillment
  • Event Programming
  • Product, Service & Pricing Models
  • Alternate & Incremental Revenue Sources
  • Guest Services & Visitor Experience
  • Vendor Presence & Positioning

Sponsors are demanding more than anecdotal evidence to justify their investment in a property. Patrons continually weigh their options when it comes to spending limited disposable income on entertainment properties. Securing STRATEGIC INFORMATION through point-of-experience audience research can make the difference between signing and losing a sponsor; between increasing or decreasing attendance levels; between staging a good event and a GREAT event for your guests. 

EventCorp helps you indentify your specific research needs so that you are asking the right questions and securing the most accurate “need-to-know-now” information from your audience – critical information on which you will base your next flight of strategic decisions.


Facilitating the Four-Step Process

To meet your research objectives, EventCorp facilitates a four-step process that ensures audience surveys and resulting data focus on what’s most essential to your property’s management.

Exploring the Issues
  • We work with you to identify the issues to be explored
  • You identify your specific information output objectives

Building the Questionnaire

  • We develop a questionnaire to meet those objectives and fully explore the issues
  • We load the questionnaire to the data collection devices

Collecting the Data

  • We gather data using our proprietary technology in an accurate and efficient manner
  • We unload collected responses daily, processing and tabulating results for further analysis

Delivering the Results

  • We generate daily interim reports suitable for event-in-progress management meetings
  • We generate a comprehensive summary report and communicate the results in clear, succinct, easy-to-read formats.  We provide further drill-down analysis based on initial discoveries & corresponding feedback from our client.


Matching Methodology with Technology

The I-COUNT survey service combines portable data collection with state-of-the-art technology to rapidly commission and execute on-site studies. Whether your public is attendees, an audience, consumers, delegates, exhibitors, fans or any other constituent group, you’ll find EventCorp’s system to be the most cost-effective and time-efficient way of checking your public’s pulse – all using a system which is flexible, scalable, and completely customizable.

I-COUNT’s sophisticated touch-screen technology collects information at the touch of a finger.  Statistically significant data and sizable response rates are obtained by placing electronic data collection kiosks at strategic locations on your event or venue footprint. For the respondent, it’s an inviting, user-friendly, and fun experience. People are surveyed at point-of-experience, guaranteeing fresh data.  The ease of response facilitates large response rates while self-selection virtually eliminates interviewer bias, and allows sensitive demographic questions to be asked and answered. Respondents of all ages and backgrounds are more apt to share the truth with the data units due to inherent confidentiality and guaranteed anonymity.

Providing Comprehensive Output

Utilizing innovative point-of-experience audience research methodology and technology, EventCorp’s daily and final Response Data Summary Reports include quantitative and qualitative research results such as:

  • Executive Summary
  • Data Tables (with frequency distribution and percentage results sorted by category)
  • Daily Comparatives (to like-questions with aggregate benchmarking)
  • Charts & Graphs (for visual representation a data rating)
  • Filtered Characteristics & Cross Tabulations (allowing a range of drill-down options)
  • Sponsorship Measurement Metrics
  • Respondent Demographic Metrics
  • Respondent Activity Metrics
  • Event Track Indexing (to like-events in EventCorp database)
  • Demand Side Economic Impact